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Thursday, November 23, 2017

A One Day Vacation....

OK.  I missed yesterday!  I am going to consider it a one day vacation...

I woke up at 4:30 AM.  Sat bolt upright and grabbed the I Pad.  I checked yesterday and sure enough, there was no post!

I got up and started searching.  I found Zar asleep in the Colonial bedroom.

 Then I started hunting... I found Tessie awake, but a bit bleary eyed.  She said that it wasn't her fault that I didn't do the blog.  Then she turned over and went back to sleep...
Albert was a bit harder to find. Until I remembered that he covets the time machine...

He was totally out of it on Daisy's bed.

I don't think that the dogs knew what to think of the situation...

Anyway.  I missed doing the blog and I am sorry, but this is only the second time in almost ten years.  It will be ten years in February.

I apologize! I will have the regular post up later today. 

We are going over to April and Seth's for Thanksgiving about noon.  I will do another one when we get back.

See you then!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Even Redder Than the Photo!

This photo doesn't really do the sunset last night justice! It was even redder than it shows up here!

This is part of  the reason that we live in Arizona.  The sunsets are like this a lot of the time.
 Now back to the real world.  I had to re-glue the bench a third time.  It is now working right.

The blue in the foreground is what I am using for the upholstery. It is very thin, but has an almost leather like finish.

The real bench has brown upholstery, but I thought that the blue would go better with the Star Wars material of the bed covers.
This is a piece of upholstery material that I had in my stash.  The right side is at the outer edges of the photo. 

It actually looks a lot like the rug that they have under Amare's bed.

I simply cut the fabric to a little larger than I want the rug.  Then I smeared glue around the edges.  After it's dry, I will cut it to the right size.

We are coming along nicely. Fingers crossed!

April is doing the turkey, tomorrow.  I get to do Christmas.

It all works out.  I have more time to play with making Christmas presents while she cooks.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 20, 2017

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Try, Try again...The bench that I made yesterday turned out too tall.  Back to the drawing board...

This time it will at least be the right height.
 I found a bag of dinosaurs at Walmart yesterday.

They will have to be painted, but the smaller ones are about the right size to put on shelves in the room box. 

Another shelf or two filled.
I found this Star Wars Ornament at Walmart also.

I think that it is a little big for 1/12 scale, but I suspect that it will be passable after Christmas.

Amare is probably not going to want to put it away with the other Christmas ornaments.

We shall see.
I am still working on the rainbow shawl.  I think that it will be wearable by Christmas...

That ball of yarn that you see in the photo is going to be how big it's going to be.  When I run out of thread, I am finished.

I am going  back to work now. I have a lot to finish before Christmas.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Sixth to Amare!!!

Amare was born six years ago today! He is one happy little boy and growing a mile a minute. 

They had a Birthday party in the park this afternoon and asked that people bring cat food and dog food in place of presents.

Some people did both.  We took all of the stuff back to their house and opened presents there. 

Amare made quite a haul! He got a lot of Star Wars things and some things dinosaur oriented.  He loves digging for fossils and the like.

This is him digging into the Star Wars Light Savers that we got for him.

I told Seth that they should keep him away from my blog for a while. 

Since I am working on his room in mini, I don't want him peeking.
This is kind of what his room box is going to look like. 

I am taking a few liberties with it.  He is going to have Star Wars Sheets and curtains.

I took a bunch more photos this afternoon so that it will be more accurate.  I doubt that he will mind if I put Star Wars Sheets and curtains in it, since that is his major interest right now...
I really do have to get to work on it now... I have the box pretty much finished.  Now all I have to do is furnish it and put a lot of details in it.

Come along for the ride.  This is going to be fun.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Got the Best of the Trade!

Tessie didn't use her head... So what else is new?

I started building furniture for the room box that I am working on today... I decided to start with the small bench that sits under the window in the room box.

I cheated and used pre carved corner posts.
They were perfect for the height, carving and look that I wanted.

I first put together the ends and let them  dry in the magnetic jig.  It took a couple of hours.
Then Zar turned the bench upside down and assembled the rest of it. We will let it dry overnight in this position.

We want it nice and strong.

In the morning, I will put a finish on it and then make a seat and cushion for it.

April and I both have real sized ones of this kind of bench.  Very handy to have on hand and they move around easily.

Zar seems to be working out well as a partner in crime.  He is pretty good at standing for hours and watching the glue dry.

I have never been very good at that. I always want to rush things.

Let's see if Tessie and Albert can do as well... They were still sitting on Albert's front porch the last time I looked...

One point for Zar and I.

Zero for Tessie and Albert! So there!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 17, 2017

I Give Up! Cleaning, It Is...

I walked into the workroom this morning to get a roll of blue masking tape... I needed it badly for putting a bed together...

This is what I encountered... Not one role of blue masking tape in site.  And not in the usual places that it is kept... I found several rolls of the beige kind. I never have any luck with that.
While sifting through the things on the worktable, I managed to dump a beading box on the floor... Icky-ness happened...

I will be picking seed beads out of the rug for a week... Oh well. At least the rug is black.  I can see them pretty easily.

Anyway, I decided to do some straightening so that I could find the things that I need...
I am starting at the top and working down today.

That way I will be able to work on the bed tomorrow.

Somehow, I am not in the mood to try to build a bed unless I can find everything that I need to do it.

So... I am cleaning.  Starting now.
At least I have friends in high places. George and Kota are sitting by, quietly cheering  me on.

George needs to be put back on his shelf.  Halloween is over for another year.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

May the Force Be With Me!

Nobody else is!  I just found out that Zar is a Starwars fan and wants the box for himself...

I gathered together all of the stuff that I need this afternoon. 
Next, I found out that Spike was interested in the box too... He likes bunk beds... To be specific, he likes the top bunk... A better view of the world from there...

That's two... I already know that Tessie wants the bed... Maybe I can keep them all busy by letting them fight over the box.....
The real trouble started when I lost some of the pieces and had to go look for them...

When I came back, I found the real Star Wars fan using my material for a bed... I think that's a hint.

I may have to expel everyone from the room if I want to get anything accomplished.

Who knew that small dogs and big cats were Star War fans!?!

Anyway, now I can get to work... I flipped up one side of the new table.  I doubt that I will need to turn it and flip both sides for this, but it's nice to know that the space is there, if I need it.

Back to trying to move Kota from my fabric.

See you tomorrow.