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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Missing Pieces...

OK. I got the second closet rack torn apart and enlarged...

I still need to put in the rod and paint a lot of spots where I took out shelves and put in extra pieces. I will do that part tomorrow before I go to Wednesday Witches.
And what are Tessie and Zar doing to keep busy?

They are sitting where they were yesterday at this time.  Discussing what I have to do. GRRR...

Tessie is now demanding a pink ladder to get to the top of the shelves. To quote her, "It must be pink to match the rug and the chair that you are going to build me for the corner...

I am NOT going to build her a new chair.  She is sitting in a pink chair as we speak! And it matches the rug!

Zar, on the other hand has a legitimate complaint. His house is missing some pieces. 

To be specific, there are a LOT of roof pieces that are nowhere to be found.  I may have to resort to designing a new roof!

I remember, at one point I was planning on having a skylight over the top part of the stairs. I can't even find the door that I was going to make that with.

I have a feeling that I am going to have to take time off and finish cleaning the workroom.  The missing pieces have to be in there somewhere.

Here we go again... Thursday. Workroom here I come! See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 21, 2018

I Was Right!

I love it when I get to say "I told you so!"

I told you so!!! Tessie had the boards marked and the bottom shelves torn out of the second closet space this morning!

Here we go!

We went to see "Deadpool 2" this morning. Fun movie. When we got back she expected me to start making the unit deeper... Not happening today.

She has the material gathered up for the rest of the room and wants everything done NOW.

Not going to happen! Walter and I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural and then an interview with Robert Plant of Led Zeplin. Very interesting person.

So.  No minis for the afternoon. 

Zar is lobbying for more things to be done to his Clockwork Cottage.  So I have orders coming at me from both directions. 

He's not getting anything done either.

Tessie hit me with another surprise request... She wants more feets. Her term.  Not mine. 

She found a pair of high button shoes.  Now she needs feets that will fit inside those.  Her big barefoot feet won't fit. This should be interesting.  I wonder how long the new feet are going to last.  I am betting on less than an hour.  Then she is going to go back to bare-feets.

I can't imagine her actually wearing shoes of any kind, let alone high button shoes.  She hates anything on her feets.

I will bet on less than an hour, but I will go ahead and make feet to her orders.

Wish me luck. Back to work. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

My (so called) Day Off...

The Terrible Two kindly told me that I could have Sunday off... If I worked on cleaning the workroom.

Oh! Goodie!!!!

They have been sitting in the unfinished dressing room chatting all day!
 I have been working my fingers to the bone... And what do I get?  Yup. Bony Fingers...

Anyway, I am making some progress.  If they let me have about eight more Sundays off...And I don't do anything but clean in the workroom, I might get it about half done.

I am making progress, but it is two steps forward and a whole bunch of steps back!

I changed the table that was in front of the desk and put the shelves back on it.  Now I have a place for more of the larger beads that went nowhere in the workroom.

At least I am keeping the bead cabinet straight.. Pretty much.  If I don't do any beading until I get the workroom finished, I will be doing OK.  No guarantees on that promise.
I am getting closer to the door... Maybe I will sneak away when nobody is watching and go do something else.

I'm Very Bored!!!

I want to play something else now!

The closet is pretty much staying clean... So far.

Now if I don't start any new projects, it will stay clean for a while...

The Terrible Two are having lots of fun...

Me? Not so much.  I wonder if they might let me off for a couple of weeks to work on this project? I might just make some progress with more time...

Back to work!  See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Squeezing Things In....

I no sooner put the first closet in the dressing room and Tessie started hanging things on the rod...
I hate to say it, but I think that she has a problem... And I am the one that is going to have to solve it.

See the pile on top from yesterday or the day before?

All of that and a lot more is going to have to fit in here.

When Tessie got up this morning, I already had one of the shelf units painted.

She looked at me and asked, "Where'd you find the paint..."

I answered honestly.  It was where Zar hid it yesterday... "Under the bed, left side at the foot."
NO more questions asked. 

I am afraid that the next question will be, "Can you remove the two bottom shelves in the other unit and double the depth.  I need more space to hang things."

I wouldn't worry, but then I look up at the pile on top and think that that is going to be the next question.

No question about it.  I may as well go get the hammer and start removing shelves...
Look at this mess!!!

Somebody find me a laundry basket.  Maybe I can talk her into using my method of cleaning and throw about half of the pile in the garbage!

Oh well. We all know that isn't going to work.

Somebody go fetch me the hammer and a closet rod.

Back to work. See you tomorrow!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Everything That Needs Fixin'....

This morning, Tessie hit me with "Some of my clothes need repairs..."

She tells me at this late date that some of the clothes that are to go in her dressing room need repairs?  Yup!

She then got up out of the chair and started dragging things to the roof.
I heard between the second and third trip.  "Zar, you have to help me! Where's the bottle of Antique White paint that Casey just bought?  Quick! Grab it and hide it someplace!"

Then she announced loudly to me.  "When you finish the repairs, you will get your Antique White paint back!".

I don't know what the advantage is in hiding the paint.  I will still have to fix all of her rips and holes before I can hang them up anyway.
Then she ran for another load of clothes to take up to the roof...

She stopped and whispered to Zar on the way back...
She made me stand there while she tried on the aprons and other things one at a time. 

I had to inspect each piece for any kind of damage.  At least four or five need something done to them.

Then she announced loudly.  When you finish the repairs, you will get your Antique White paint back!

Little does she know that I was standing behind the door watching when Zar shoved the paint under the bed. I am not worried about retrieving it.  I can get it any time I want to use it.  Let's see her stop me!!!

Back to assessing damages now.  See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Graduation Day!!!

Amare Graduated Kindergarten this afternoon.

We are so proud of him! 

Whatever task they throw at him, he does it...

He's a great kid! We love him!
His mom is a teacher's assistant in his class.  She got to hand out the flowers to the kids.  He took his and gave them to Seth, his dad. 

It might have looked strange if he has handed them to his mom like the other kids did.

We gave him a present and I made him a card. In case you can't tell, he's a big Star Wars fan.

I didn't know about the hat or I would have probably put one on the card. Oh well. Next time... Eight years from now.

Here's the inside of the card... It was a fun afternoon.  Back to the regular blog tomorrow.

See you then.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Keep Her Busy!

I overheard the conversation, so I knew what was coming...

Zar and Tessie came to me a little while ago and told me that they wanted the day off...

I think that they heard me call Witch Barb and tell her that I wasn't coming today. I have allergies that just won't quit!

They told me that I should go clean out some of  My Big Closet... They always capitalize to make a point.

Who am I to complain?
I knew exactly what to do.  I needed to go through the sock yarn and get serious about Christmas present preparation.

I am in pretty good shape for yarn....Probably a dozen or so pair to make...

Then I decided to see how many #2 needles I still had to fill....

I can start seven more pair before I have to start finishing any...

Yes. I know that I should finish some, but that would be too much like accomplishing something.

I like starting things.  I don't seem to like finishing so much.  I will work on some of the ones that I already have started... Then I will start a few more and then finish a bunch.

Yeah.  That sounds like a plan.  I have seven sets of needles.  Seven more pair of socks to start.  Then finish them all! By the way... Don't hold your breath until I am done! This could take a while...

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.