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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mine Will Be Better!

Zar's rug is finished... Almost.  I still have to do the edges.

I am happy with the colors, but Zar is going to need some furniture to match it... He has none.

There is no room in his bi-level den for this one.  At least not where it could be seen.  So I guess there will be a He Shed in my future.
Meanwhile they sat on the rug and chatted while I tried to figure out what to do...

Tessie told me that I could give the shed that they are sitting in to Zar.  She wants something else...

She also told me that she has other ideas as to what she wants in a second She Shed and She wants the stuff that is in the potions shed to go somewhere else.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me, for some time to come...

She also announced that I should be starting her silk rug next... I forgot to tell you that the stuff that I bought for her rug is silk... This should be interesting in itself.

I have never worked in silk for a mini rug, let alone a Rya.

I do believe that it will be great when finished.  The colors are definitely "Tessie" colors.
I got this tall gift box at Goodwill sometime ago. 

Today I found a nest of seven boxes from three to nine inches in diameter... They were three dollars and 40 cents for all! Tessie is eyeing the larger ones for round room boxes and I think that she is thinking that the potions room could go in the larger one.

I am going to have to make her draw up some plans for what she wants.  That should keep her busy for a while... (and out of my hair!)

Anyway, I see some round rooms in my future... Maybe even some smaller scale ones in the smaller boxes.  For now, I am just going to concentrate on finishing Zar's rug and maybe some furniture to go with it. 

Back to Work.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Look What We Found!

Walter gifted Tessie with these this morning.  I am not sure what kind of cacti they are. They all look like the same family.  Just don't know what family yet.

Tessie is thrilled.  Something to put in the conservatory... If they don't grow too fast.

Walter found the largest one in the back yard and the three others in the front.

I found these growing all over the back yard. They are Mesquite trees.  There are several spots that they decided to grow.

It's too bad that they won't stay small... I wonder if anybody has tried to train one of them into a bonsai?

I may have to put a couple in pots and see what happens...
Meanwhile, I am down to the last fifteen rows of the rug.  It is definitely Zar's kind of colors... But Tessie is trying her best to talk him out of it... I told him not to budge!

She gets the next one.

I am going into the workroom and get at least a couple more shelves done. 

The string around my ankle will be tied to the doorknob.  If I don't reappear in a couple of hours, somebody grab it and drag me out.

Back to the workroom. 

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rya Rug and Back to the Conservatory...

We got a new cat bed for Kota a few days ago... He was not adapting to it... The weather is too hot. 

This morning I washed the sheets and while that was going on, I put the bed on our bed and threw his favorite throw over it... That did the trick.  He has been in it all afternoon.

He kept me company whilst I worked on the Rya Rug. 

 It is coming along nicely.  I am up to the part where the other end design starts.  I am already on the third row or that.

I am starting to see the finish line on this one.
 I finally gave up on the dragon on the roof of the conservatory.  Every time I would lift the lid, something would break off of him and I would have to repair. 

So yesterday morning I took him off and re-did the ends of the roof. Now all I have to do is paint those and put a door on the interior side of the right wall and it will be pretty much finished. 

Granted, it still needs some paint and I have to clean up the windows, but I can see the finish coming.
I stopped into Mesquite Valley Growers here in town and picked up a several plants. 

I think that the pups off of this one are going in tiny pots and will be the first real plants for the conservatory.

I am going to put it out on the porch and see if I can get anything small to grow in there.

There are several small plants growing around the base of this one too, so I will have some starter plants. 

I would like to see if I can grow a lot of small plants in the Edwardian Case.

When Joan gave this thing to me, she started trouble.  I am determined to fill it with mini plants.

We shall see what happens.

Back to the rug.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Making Progress...

Joan and I stopped at one of the bead stores here in town, yesterday. There was a sale going on.  I found a bag full of these gold spacers for five dollars.  The label on the outside of the bag stated that there was $100.00 dollars worth of merchandise inside... I noticed that the little bags of spacer beads inside started at 5.00 each.  Then they were marked down to 2.00.  The final price for each bag was 50 cents.  Evidently nobody wanted any of them.  I got enough bags of the things that all nine witches got the assortment that you see in the bag at the rear... Plus I got a couple of very nice gold spacer bars. All for $5.00.
On to today.  I put in the trim around the floor just a little while ago... My usual trick for not having them warp.  If you put just dots of glue about an inch apart, they stay in place without tape.

After I got them in place, I saw Tessie and Zar playing "One potato, Two potato".  Still trying to settle whom will get the Shed... Unfortunately that method doesn't work to well when there are only two people doing it.

I put the front on the shed and left.   Until I heard shouting.
I went back in, only to see this... They are now going head to head and with clenched fists...

I quietly backed out and quietly shut the door.  I want no part of this.  I am not going to play referee to those two. 

I am going to go back to rug making. 

Fisticuffs never settled anything.

Yes. Rug making.  That's the ticket.

See you tomorrow.           

Friday, July 21, 2017

Towards the Finish Line...

Witch Joan and I went yarn shopping this morning...

When I got home, I found Zar trying to finish his rug.  All he really did was mess up the yarn stash. 

I am now to the end of the middle section and ready to start the stripes on the other end.

I did get some greens for another rug for Zar...

That one can go in the Clockwork Cottage if I ever get back to working on it.

I still have a week or more of straightening the workroom.

I don't really want to talk about it! 

The rest of the thread quickly disappeared.  Guess who stole it?

Yup. It was Tessie.

It seems that she wants two rugs and a lot of baskets made from this stash... I had better get back to the needle. 

This could take a couple of years, at the rate that I am going...

I want to get Zar's rug finished.  I am anxious to see how the yarn by Tessie's feet will look as a rug. Very colorful, if nothing else.

Back to the needle.  See you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Zar is Giving Up... At least for Today...

I went into the bedroom this morning. I found Zar ensconced  in the craft cottage. MY craft cottage.

He has pretty much given into Tessie's claiming of the She Shed. 

Of course I am not happy that he took over my craft cottage. There's not much I can do about it.

He brought his own chair, so who am I to complain?
 Meanwhile, I do wish that Tessie would read her own sign and follow it.  It says, "Go away now.  I am a WITCH with a broom and I know how to use it!"

She hasn't done a lick of work.  In fact the pile of stuff is getting deeper as we speak...
 I managed to unearth another shelf to fill.  I am over to the end of this wall now...

The dreaded closet comes next.  It is the worst...

No.  Wait. I take that back...
The worst is the jewelry shelves. It may take the rest of the year to do. 

I just did it a couple of months ago, but those shelves never stay clean for long.

I have talked Walter into getting on a ladder and handing me things down from the plant shelf above the closet.  It is eight feet up and I am not allowed to climb up there... Walter says that I might fall and break something... Meaning me.

I am not arguing with him.  That's a long way up and even longer if I fall off of a ladder.

Just toss things down and I will catch them. It's safer.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not a Lot Straighter...

I am NOT going to go through everything in these two houses.  They are staying right where they are for the time being.  I know what is in them.
It took most of the morning to get the wood in order. I found some pieces that I didn't know I had and probably would have replaced them if not for the sorting.

It may not look neat, but I did get rid of some stuff and got each kind of wood together. 

Ask me where something is and I can find it now, if I have it...
This bookcase is as straight as it is going to get.

I did go through things, but there wasn't much out of place or to get rid of.  No extra space gained here.
Meanwhile. Zar wants a writer's study now.  Saying that he is going to put a day bed on the right side of the room... Guess who is the day bed maker?
Tessie, on the other hand, is pushing for using stuff from her old house... I am thinking that maybe that is a good idea.

If I don't do that, she is going to start hassling me about a new home. 

Anyway, I am working away on the rya rug and keeping my fingers crossed that the two of them settle things soon.  I want to get this finished and get on to something else.

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.